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NEW PRODUCT – 100% HEMP FREE, Active Duty Ready

It’s Time to Ruck Up! Need sustained energy and razor-sharp focus without a crash? Ruck Up delivers with its powerful blend of adaptogenic mushrooms and vitamins.

Ruck Up has an ultra-potent 8:1 cordyceps extract to flood your cells with oxygen and blood flow for non-jittery, crash-free energy that lasts for hours.

Our energizing B vitamin complex enhances cognitive function so you perform at peak levels when it matters most—no more afternoon slumps.

We’ve added clinically studied Aquamin S, 72 sea minerals, to support cellular function, hydration, and muscle resilience so your mind and body overcome any challenge.

Whether you’re a soldier, athlete, student, or business warrior, it’s time to Ruck Up, dominate your day, and be prepared for anything. Ruck Up!

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    100% HEMP FREE

    Ruck Up Energy Blend

    Cordyceps Mushroom Extract (8:1):

    Cordyceps is a powerful adaptogen mushroom used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This rare mushroom increases oxygen utilization, ATP production, and blood flow for sustained energy, endurance, and performance.

    • Increases oxygen uptake and utilization
    • Boosts ATP energy production in cells
    • Improves blood flow and circulation
    • Fights fatigue and counters adrenal exhaustion
    • Supports physical stamina and endurance

    Energy B Vitamin Complex:

    This balanced blend of B vitamins activates energy production, sharpens mental focus, and enhances nervous system health. It provides the essential B vitamins your body needs to combat stress and stay energized.

    • Boosts energy metabolism
    • Supports alertness, concentration, and cognitive function
    • Strengthens the nervous system
    • Reduces fatigue and mental exhaustion
    • Activates cellular energy production

    Aquamin S. ™

    Aquamin is a scientifically-proven sea mineral complex clinically shown to enhance energy, strengthen bones, and support muscle function. It provides highly bioavailable calcium and magnesium plus 74 trace minerals for optimal cellular health.

    • Increases muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility (Clinical Trial)
    • Improves bone health markers significantly (Clinical Trial)
    • Boosts energy production and cardiovascular function (Clinical Trial)
    • Provides calcium, magnesium, and 74 trace minerals
    • Supports hydration, muscle resilience, and recovery

    Time to Ruck Up or Shut Up!·

    Time to Ruck Up or Shut Up!·

    Time to Ruck Up or Shut Up!·

    Time to Ruck Up or Shut Up!·

    Time to Ruck Up or Shut Up!·

    Travis J.

    Ruck Up – Beta Tester

    "These gummies hit the spot. Clean energy - no crash. Keep one in the truck and backpack now - love them"

    RUCK UP in the wild

    Mitchell T.

    Ruck Up – Beta Tester

    I was able to beta test these gummies - the hit really well and taste great. Skipping the afternoon cup of coffee now!

    Elevate Your Body and Mind

    We spent nearly 8 months perfecting our Ruck Up formula to deliver an ultra-potent, high-performance, and great-tasting. Don’t setting for afternoon lulls and fatigue.