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Mike Glover – Founder of Fieldcraft Survival

Mission: Create natural plant-based products to help you recover and be ready for anything.*

No THC – NO High

Contains Natural Formulas

No Harmful Fillers

No Negative Side Effects*

Non Habit-Forming*

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“My go-to for elevated focus and energy.” – Mike Glover

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Preparedness starts with a goodnights sleep.

Mike Glover – Founder of Fieldcraft Survival

Be prepared.·

Be prepared.·

Be prepared.·

Be prepared.·

Be prepared.·

Why Wolf 21?

Plant-Based Formulation

Premium Colorado-grown hemp crafted into the world’s finest CBN extract on the market.

Triple Lab Tested

Tested? Yes, 3x times for quality, purity, and consistency. We take our own product – we take it seriously.


We conducted a 6-day sleep study with Vail Integrated Heath Systems in Vail, Co – 78.5% of participants saw Moderate to Significant improvement using CBN Oil for sleep, over a 6 day period.

What people are saying...

Best sleep of my life. I am constantly traveling for work, and I have relied on Ambien to get me to sleep. The morning side effects were horrible. I now use 20 mg CBN every night and have been enjoying the best sleep of my life.


I was a lifelong insomniac that used prescribed sleep medication for two decades to stay asleep...until I tried Wolf 21. Now I enjoy sleeping the natural way. With Wolf 21, I get a consistent and solid night's rest, waking refreshed in the mornings.


It's almost impossible for my mind to top racing while trying to fall asleep. Wolf 21 helps my body and mind relax - and stay asleep. I have felt my mornings become more productive and less groggy.


Enough Talk, Start Sleeping.