5mg CBN Softgel (60 Count)



Wolf 21’s Sleep Aid’s 5 mg CBN Softgel (60 Count) was created to provide an accurate and concentrated dose of CBN in every serving. The synergy of CBN and a special terpene blend is ideal for those who don’t want to worry about measuring drops, or are looking to avoid flavors and a larger amount of Organic MCT Oil. With a powerful 5mg CBN per dose, this option is an incredible product for many looking to enhance their nightly routine.

  • This product contains Zero THC
  • Flavor: N/A
  • 300 mg CBN per bottle / 5 mg CBN per softgel
  • 30 Day Supply, based on Suggested Servings

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    Proprietary Blend: Organic MCT Oil, CBN, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Shell (Gelatin, Glycerine, Water).

    This bottle contains 300mg CBN total, 5 mg CBN per softgel (60 count).

    Suggested Use

    Adults, take 1 serving (1 softgel) orally 1 hour before bed each night. Simply take with water and swallow. 


    Store in a dry cool area, away from the light. 

    Medical Warning:

    This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Individual results may vary. If you experience any negative effects, discontinue use immediately and tell your attending physician. Discontinue if you become pregnant. Keep out of the reach of children.

    Quality Science in Every Dose

    We have partnered with the industry leader in CBN extraction to ensure quality and consistency in all Wolf 21 products. Trust it? We take our own product every night.

    What People Are Saying

    Best sleep of my life. I am constantly traveling for work, and I have relied on Ambien to get me to sleep. The morning side effects were horrible. I now use 20 mg CBN every night and have been enjoying the best sleep of my life.

    JonathanTraveler and Outdoorsman

    I was a lifelong insomniac that used prescribed sleep medication for two decades to stay asleep...until I tried Wolf 21. Now I enjoy sleeping the natural way. With Wolf 21, I get a consistent and solid night's rest, waking refreshed in the mornings.


    It's almost impossible for my mind to top racing while trying to fall asleep. Wolf 21 helps my body and mind relax - and stay asleep. I have felt my mornings become more productive and less groggy.

    AlecEntrepreneur & Athlete